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For Efficiency. For Comfort.

Efficiency of a furnace allows for the percentage of fuel that is used to be converted into heat energy. A 95% efficient furnace allows for less greenhouse gas emissions because a retrofit furnace is more efficient in converting fuel into heat.

Retrofitting your home can help eliminate your worries on safety as well as provide efficient heat circulation to make your home a more comfortable environment.

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Efficient water heating systems such as instantaneous water heaters can provide hot water only when needed and won’t produce standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters which can save money.


Comfortable heating to keep you warm throughout the cold winters. Adding a programmable thermostat can decrease the heating of the rest of the house while you rest.


Energy efficient appliances, upgrading to efficient lighting can help save money on the energy bill.

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Improving heating and cooling systems. A more efficient way of heating the house and saving energy.

~95% efficient

Condensing Furnace

  • Sealed combustion area
  • Draft inducer cleans air
  • Secondary heat exchanger
~78% efficient

Continuous Pilot Furnace

  • Bigger ventilation
  • Secondary heat exchanger
~80% efficient

Induced Draft Furnace

  • Uses fan to pull air into burner
  • Can be used as an air conditioning unit in the summer


Monthly Bills

Property Value

First of all, it would increase the chances of someone looking to purchase the home. Secondly, retrofitting will let the buyer feel more safe and secure knowing that they have modern systems that are more efficient and safe compared to older machines.

The graph shows average monthly bill costs from original and after retrofitting.

Monthly Bill

The graph shows average monthly bill costs from original and after retrofitting. We can see that even after a decade, retrofitting can save upwards of 75% on your monthly bill.

What Next?

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BCHydro, FortisBC, and the City of Vancouver offers rebates to help you retrofit your home. Find your rebates by clicking below.

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